West Central LIO Draft 5-year Ecosystem Recovery Plan

Over the last several months, the West Central LIO has been working hard to develop a draft of its 5-year Ecosystem Recovery Plan. Each LIO is responsible for developing a plan for its region that identifies its 5-year recovery goals. The EPA will use these plans to help ensure funding is allocated to projects that have the most significant effect on Puget Sound restoration. 

The LIO submitted its first draft of the recovery plan in October, and will continue to revise this plan, with the guidance of the Puget Sound Partnership and EPA, until a final draft is ready by the September 2016 deadline.  

Below are the submitted materials, including the plan, the Conceptual Model, the Schematics for each Strategic Initiative, the Results Chains for each Vital Sign, and the Tier 2 Sources and Stressors List.

Draft Plan

Conceptual Model

Results Chains


Tier 2 Sources and Stressors List