Our Purpose

The purpose of the West Central Local Integrating Organization is to:

  • Communicate with the Puget Sound Partnership (a state agency) about the science-based priority actions needed locally to address the “threats and pressures” to ecosystem health, including: 
    • urban stormwater
    • shoreline restoration and salmon recovery, and
    • water quality affecting shellfish
  • Determine resources needed across the area for implementation of local recovery projects.
  • Coordinate across multiple forums and organizations to share information and resources.

The West Central LIO addresses ecosystem issues on the east side of the Kitsap Peninsula in Washington State. This area, known as our Action Area, includes nine jurisdictions (counties, cities and tribes) that make up our Executive Committee.

The Action Agenda

The Puget Sound Partnership created the 2014/2015 Action Agenda that lists the steps needed to help restore and protect the health of Puget Sound. Three strategic initiatives are emphasized in the 2014/15 Action Agenda:

  • Prevent pollution from urban stormwater runoff. 
  • Protect and restore habitat for salmon. 
  • Restore and re-open shellfish beds. 

The Puget Sound Partnership

The Puget Sound Partnership is a Washington state agency with federal funding to convene Local Integrating Organizations (LIOs) to implement the Action Agenda. The Puget Sound Partnership has no regulatory authority but is authorized to distribute grant funding. The Partnership administers grants from the National Estuary Program (NEP) through the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to fund the LIOs.